Kids At Max offers speech pathology and assessment services for children and adolescents aged between 2 - 18 years. Speech therapy is recommended for children experiencing difficulties in areas such as language development (how they express themselves and what they understand), auditory processing, social skills and speech sounds.

Our friendly Melbourne speech pathologist team is here to help your child meet their communication goals, whatever their needs.


How We Can Help

Think your child might benefit from speech therapy? Booking in to see one of our qualified speech pathologists is simple!

Kids At Max offers in clinic sessions, home visits, school visits and Telehealth (phone and video consultations). Funding options include NDIS, Medicare, Private Health Insurance and TAC.

1. Call us today to make an appointment on 03 9702 4447.

You don’t need a referral from a GP – call us for a chat and we’ll be able to assess whether your child may benefit from our services.

2. Meet with one of our speech pathologists for an assessment.

Our team will identify your child’s individual needs and outline specific strategies and goals for their development.

3. We’ll develop a therapy plan that meets your child’s needs.

We incorporate play and fun activities to encourage your child’s engagement in therapy, as well as incorporating practical tools and strategies that your child can continue practicing at home. Our speech therapists work collaboratively with our psychologists and occupational therapists if these are also areas where your child requires support.


Will My Child Benefit From Speech Pathology?

Speech therapy is beneficial for kids or teens who are having difficulty communicating. Some questions to consider:

  • Is your child's speech unclear to unfamiliar people?
  • Is your child frustrated because other people cannot understand them?
  • Is your child starting Prep soon?
  • Is your child stuttering? (e.g. repeating words, sounds or syllables)
  • Is your child in school and struggling to grasp letter-sound relationships?
  • Is your child struggling with reading?
  • Is your child's language delayed?

There are many things that can impact on your child’s ability to communicate. These include Autism Spectrum Disorder, delayed speech and language development, auditory or visual processing difficulties, anxiety and social confidence.

Children and adolescents experiencing communication difficulties may find it challenging interacting with their peers, have trouble following instructions, present with attention and behavioural issues and have reduced speech comparable to their developmental level.

Our team are skilled in a number of techniques to help your child with the following areas of development:

If you would like further information about obtaining an assessment for your child, please contact our Melbourne speech pathologist team for a chat on 03 9702 4447.

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