Kids At Max provides a range of parent information sessions and workshops that are facilitated by a psychologist, speech pathologist or occupational therapist depending on the specific area being addressed. We are committed to equipping and supporting parents to best support their child. Our team has experience working with kids, teens and families around a range of issues and provide a family-centred approach in therapy. This same approach extends to our parent workshops which are specifically designed to empower and equip parents to better understand their child’s individual needs and to walk away with more tools to support their child or teen.

Our workshops use current, evidence-based information, materials and practical resources to support you to build on your current level of knowledge and skill level. Depending on the area, workshops can be 1-8 sessions in length. You will walk away from our workshops with a better understanding of your child as well as strategies that you can implement at home. Parent workshops are also a great opportunity to meet with other parents who are parenting a child with similar needs. Parent workshops typically cater to up to 8 families at at time and are informally led so that you can feel comfortable to ask questions specific to your needs.

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Behaviour Management & Positive Parenting Workshop

  • This workshop is specifically designed for parents of school aged children who would like to learn strategies about developing more positive interactions with their children or teenagers at home. The workshop will also cover effective behaviour management principles that are associated with achieving the best outcomes for your child.

Autism Spectrum Disorder - what does it mean for my child?

  • This workshop is specifically designed for parents who have a child who has recently received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. You will leave this workshop understanding more about what autism is, why children with autism can present differently as well as tools and strategies to help your child at home and at kindergarten/school.

When feelings get too BIG - tips to help your child manage their emotions.

  • This workshop is specifically designed for parents who have a child who struggles to manage their emotions at home. Kids, like adults feel a range of emotions and sometimes they find it difficult to be able to express their emotions in appropriate ways. You will leave this workshop understanding the factors that can impact on a child’s behaviour as well as tools and strategies that you can use at home to help your child express themselves and to provide effective behaviour management.

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