Kids At Max offers counselling and psychological assessment for children and adolescents. Many children see a psychologist and the range of difficulties that children present with are varied.


How We Can Help

Think your child might benefit from seeing a child & adolescent psychologist? Booking in to see one of our qualified psychologists is simple!

Kids At Max offers in clinic sessions, home visits, school visits and Telehealth (phone and video consultations). Funding options include NDIS, Medicare, Private Health Insurance and TAC.

1. Call us today to make an appointment on 03 9702 4447.

You don’t need a referral from a GP – call us for a chat and we’ll be able to assess whether your child may benefit from our services.

2. Meet with one of our psychologists for an assessment.

Our team will meet with you and your child to gain a comprehensive understanding of your child’s individual needs and the areas they may require support.

3. We’ll develop a therapy plan that meets your child’s needs.

We have a family centred approach. In conjunction with you and your child, a psychologist will develop goals that will guide sessions. Sessions can incorporate play and fun activities to encourage your child’s engagement in therapy, as well as incorporating practical tools and strategies that your child can continue practicing at home. Our psychologists work collaboratively with our speech pathologists and occupational therapists if these are also areas where your child requires support.


Will My Child Benefit From Psychology?

Psychology sessions are recommended when a child or teenager is experiencing difficulty managing their emotions, are going through or have gone through a stressful event or when a child needs additional support to learn strategies to help them through their day.

We provide a safe, relaxed and engaging environment where kids feel comfortable to share their feelings and develop tools to overcome difficulties. Kids At Max uses therapies that are evidence-based and that suit the developmental needs of the child. We work closely with family members, teachers and other professionals to encourage a collaborative approach and to ensure that the child and family feel supported.

An assessment is usually conducted following concerns regarding the child’s behaviour that are raised by those caring for the child, including parents, teachers, GP or paediatrician. Assessment can be important to identify the underlying issues that are impacting a child’s behaviour, to inform educational and therapeutic planning, to provide an avenue for the child’s difficulties to be understood and to meet the requirements for school-based funding. The assessment process typically includes a parent interview to obtain the child’s developmental history and current behaviours as well as assessment sessions with the child. If permission is obtained, the psychologist will contact the child’s educational setting to get a sense of their behaviour in this environment and if there are areas of concern.

Counselling and assessment is available for a range of areas. Some examples include:

If you would like further information about obtaining an assessment for your child, please contact our Melbourne psychologist team for a chat on 03 9702 4447.

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