Kids At Max believes all kids should have the opportunity to thrive at school.

As part of our role in supporting children and adolescents, with parents permission we often make contact with a child’s teacher at kindergarten or school. As children can present differently in different environments, sometimes concerns are identified by a teacher or parent about how the child is functioning at school - this could be from a social, emotional, communication or behavioural perspective.

When concerns are raised, it is often beneficial for a kindergarten/school visit to be organised. The purpose of a school visit is to directly observe your child’s behaviour to inform therapy and educational planning, as well as to equip teachers with practical tools and strategies to best support your child in the classroom. A psychologist, speech pathologist or occupational therapist can be an essential part of your child’s support network at school and can work together with their teachers to develop a plan to assist your child.

A school visit can also facilitate communication between Kids At Max, the child’s family and the school and helps all parties to be on the same page, in terms of the strategies that are being used with the child. Open communication and a clear understanding of the child’s needs, mean that therapeutic goals are clear, everyone better understands your child’s difficulties as well as their strengths and there is consistency in how everyone is trying to support your child.

Kids At Max staff are also called upon to attend Parent Support Group Meetings or Student Support Group Meetings at schools.

If you would like further information about kinder/school visits for your child, please contact us on 03 9702 4447 for a friendly chat.

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