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We’re for happy and free kids,

whoever they are

and whatever their needs

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We believe in kids

reaching their

maximum potential

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We want what you want,

for kids to love every day

Psychology | Speech | OT | Education

We offer psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, education and ABA services for children and adolescents between 2-18 years of age. We bring our experience and energy to deliver evidence based counselling, therapy and assessment and provide family-centred support and practical tools that will empower kids to be as happy and free as they can be.

About Us

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Kids At Max offers counselling and assessment for a range of developmental, emotional and behavioural concerns.

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Kids At Max offers speech therapy and assessment services to help your child meet their communication goals.

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Occupational therapists focus on developing fine and gross motor skills, addressing sensory concerns and emotional regulation.

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We provide early intervention services as well as assessment and therapy for children with autism. We also offer ABA therapy at home, kinder or school.

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Kids At Max offer a range of school-based programs. These programs can be targeted towards the specific needs of the school community.

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Kids At Max offer programs for children with a variety of issues, including autism, anxiety, social difficulties and behavioural concerns.

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We can work with principals, student welfare coordinators, curriculum coordinators, senior management staff or individual teachers to provide professional advice for your school community.

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