How We Can Help

Think your child might benefit from treatment? Booking in to see one of our qualified occupational therapists is simple.

Kids At Max offers in clinic sessions, home visits, school visits and Telehealth (phone and video consultations). Funding options include NDIS, Medicare, Private Health Insurance and TAC.

1. Call us today to make an appointment on 03 9702 4447.

You don’t need a referral from a GP – call us for a chat and we’ll be able to assess whether your child may benefit from occupational therapy.

2. Meet with one of our occupational therapists for an assessment.

Our Melbourne team will meet with you and your child to identify their individual needs and outline specific strategies and goals for their development.

3. We’ll develop a therapy plan that meets your child’s needs.

We incorporate play and fun activities to encourage your child’s engagement in therapy, as well as incorporating practical tools and strategies that you and your child can continue practicing at home. Our occupational therapists work collaboratively with our psychologists and speech therapists if these are also areas where your child requires support. Sessions will be family centred and focus on your child’s individual needs. Often an assessment is conducted prior to commencing therapy to ascertain the areas where your child requires the most support and to develop a targeted intervention plan.


Will My Child Benefit From OT?

OT is recommended for kids and teens who need help developing their motor and sensory skills. Motor difficulties can affect your child’s ability to participate in school and their learning outcomes. Sensory issues such as being overstimulated by sounds, texture, taste and visual stimuli can result in your child struggling with attention, concentration and result in increased anxiety. Our Melbourne occupational therapy team can support your child’s development available to provide assessment and therapy for a range of issues in a range of areas including:

If you would like further information about kids occupational therapy, or to chat further about how we can support your child, please contact us for a friendly chat on 03 9702 4447.

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